Accessible Credit Card Apps on I Devices

Hello All, A Friend recently put out on Twitter that she was having trouble accessing and using the Square App and Square Credit Card reader on her iPhone. The credit card reader is attached through the earphone/mic jack on the top of the iPhone. I went searching around on AppleVis and found no refference to any accessible credit card terminal apps for the iPhone or other i Devices. Is anyone aware of any existing appps or apps under development? Thanks, Chris


The Intuit go payment credit

The Intuit go payment credit card processing application is the best option on the iPhone. In my experience, the application works great with voiceover and allows for prompt processing of payments

Has anyone tried the paypal app that does the same thing

I had heard that paypal had come out with a similar service and wonder if that might be accessible. I ask because many people have a paypal account and it would be nice to be able to use that rather then create a new account someware else.

Go payment Ap,

Has anyone actually used the Go Payment ap successfully? Do I need any tips on how to use it? I'm not technologically savvy, so I'd appreciate some help. Thanks.