Accessible free cooking games

Hi, are there any free accessible cooking games?


don't think so

I haven't heard of any cooking games except those that cost. I haven't tried them but they are accessible. Except for those I don't think there are any free cooking games at all

There used to be one but it won't work with iOS 11

I remember playing a fully accessible game called Cupcakes, where you make and eat a virtual cupcake. My nephew, Will, and I had lots of fun winning all the achievments; unfortunately, this game has not been updated in a long, Dlong time.

I'm looking for cooking games

I'm looking for cooking games too. I use to have some of the Maverick games but they're not free. And i thought there was going to be an accessible cooking game developed but not sure what happened with it...

To Paige

You would have to ask Michelle, the developer of the crafting kingdom what's up with that cooking game. I think other people asked her but no one replied.