Accessible Mac Games with VoiceOver?

I'm new to the MAC and so far I'm really enjoying the experience. I'm wondering whether there are any accessible games with VoiceOver for the MAC? I have read about some accessible games on the iPhone but am wondering about the MAC. Thanks!


Accessible games on mac

I have the blind swordsmen which is free, the abandoned castle that is free, RS games, and silver dollar.

Games on the Mac

All games produced by IV productions are playable on the Mac. I can also recommend Change Reaction, which is available in the Mac App store. All IV productions titles can be purchased from their website. I would also be interested in trying "The Abandoned Castle".

The Abandoned Castle

You can get it off of and other sites as well. Just google the abandoned castle game mac.

RS Games Client

Thanks. I downloaded RS Games earlier today and it's definitely very accessible and usable. I also read that there is now an iOS version so I'll check that out too.

Real quick question

Hi, I ‘m not sure if you have a free building game like lords and knights for the Mac, but I am looking all over the web and the App Store. Can you recommend one please?