Accessible Racing/Wrestling games

Hello All, I was just curious to know if anyone knew of any accessible racing and or wrestling games out there? I've tried Racing Live, and one of the WWE games, but found Racing Live confusing, and the wrestling game inaccessible. So any other suggestions are welcomed. Thanks, Shane.


Accessible racing/wrestling games

Ok, I'll try that one. Btw, how do I subscribe to this, or any other post I may write, so I receive emails verses having to check the site? I checked the boxes, where it said about subscribing, but maybe I did something wrong? Any steps on how to do this is also appreciated. Thanks.

Accessible racing/wrestling games

Hi Biggerr, I can get to the create your charecture name, it says within 15 charectures, I got 9 letters. Then it says prev button, and next, but when I tap, nothing happens. Any suggestions?

Accessible racing/wrestling games

Hi again Biggerr, I got to the game. I had to create an account with the GameCenter and such. Not sure how my charecture looks, but I was able to get the game going. Is it a pretty fun game?

Cannot find fighters city in App Store

I cannot find a fighter city in the App Store I click on the link and it does not pop up. Any suggestions? Also, having trouble with the captcha in Ayakashi Ghost Guild; I'm completely blind and there is no audio option.