Accessible Twitter app for Mac

Can anyone recommend a good accessible Twitter app for the mac? I tried the official Twitter app but the only thing that seemed accessible was posting a tweet. I've looked at a few results on hear but it didn't really give me one that was good. Thanks.


#1 Hello. Yorufukuro for mac is

Hello. Yorufukuro for mac is an accessible twitter app. it's available at the Mac AppStore. Please feel free to contact, I'm glad to help

#2 Thanks I'll try that

Hello, I'll try that app and I'll post on hear if I need any more help. Thanks for your help.

#3 Night Owl tips

Hi. I think there's another one but I use yurufukoru. I just call it night owl, as that's the Japanese translation, and as you can see, I can't spell that name to save myself from death by torture. :) Seriously the only slight drawback, is as you are reading up the timeline, and new tweets come in, you tweet gets cut off that you are on. Hre are a few tips f will toggle the favorite status of a tweet though voie over never tells you it happened. I had to ask someone else. You can have sound effects, but here's a major tip: don't let your ntification center handle twitter. You'll be bombarded with mentions and messages lol.