Accessible word games?

Hi Everybody: I am wondering if there are any accessible wordsearch, wordscramble or hangman games? I like to play these types of games when I have a few minutes in my busy day. I downloaded Moxie, AnagramEn, word popper and Wordwort and I would love some other games to go along with these games. Thanks for all of your help. I really like having a place where I can learn about and talk to other visually impaired users about accessibleApps and other Apple products. Thanks for your help. Nancy



Hello Nancy, here's a link to an accessible version of Hangman in the app store: This is the same version that I have on my phone. Works very well with VoiceOver.


Worder gives you a 9-letter word to find anagrams from and no time limits

Hanging wit Friends

Hanging with Friends is a multi-player game that combines elements of Hangman and Scbrabble to outsmart your opponent. It works very well with Voice Over.

Million Dollar spam

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Maria, Although not as obvious as some, I think the post that you replied to was spam (apologies to the poster if this is wrong). If nothing else, it was promoting a Facebook app, which is off-topic as this forum is for iOS apps. So, it's now been removed.

Not a spam

Maria, My apologies if you found me not worthy of your attention. However, my suggestion did not in any way imply to promote an app but a word game that I find educational and exciting. I show off an FB link because it is where I found it. But I also pointed out their website where you can play the game to your heart's content - This word game can also be accessed via smartphone. I hope my intention is clear and enough to erase the doubt. Again, sorry for the confusion.

accessible word game

HI. it was someone else that thought it might have been spam, A member of the editorial team. These guys run a wonderful site so they were just looking out for everyone. I just wanted to know how well it would work using voice over or iPhone. I have a mac so if the site works with voice over that would be cool.

multiplayer hangman

HI. ent and had a look at the site. it does look legit however you have to pay to play. so i didn't find out if it is accessible or not. Just a heads up.

a dollar for single credit

Hi Maria, Thanks. Yes, it does have a fee, it's a dollar, I think for single credit. There's no need to spend more to play games above level 1. However, you can also play for free (trial of sort). This is what I've played. :) I said its cool because the excitement never stops until your last letter is revealed. Its like hanggaroo but with a twist. Anyway, at least I shared something that can kill time as well as educate and build our power vocabulary. You can even earn big bucks and I have a friend who just won some. :) Thanks friend,