Adding multiple contacts in Mail

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Hi all,

I need to send a mail to several dozen recipients so I had the bright idea of clicking the button beside the "to" edit box, going up and down the list of contacts, and adding them that way. However, I don't seem to be able to do this. Am I missing something?

There are two things that don't seem to work:
a) the selection itself;
b) when one hits escape to exit out of the popover, information seems to be lost.

Guidance appreciated. :)


Adding Multiple contacts

I add one contact at a time using the following method:

1. Double tap in the "To:" field in order to start editing.
2. Type the first few letters of a contact to be added. This brings up a list of contacts from which you can select.
3. Flick from the edit field until you see the list of contacts matching the first few letters.
4. Double tap the contact you want to add.
5. Type the first few letters of another contact.
6. Again flick or find the list of contacts matching the first few letters.
6. Again, double tap the contact you want to add.
7. Repeat until you've added all the contacts.

Note: After sending a message to a group of people, one of the items in the list that comes up after typing the first few letters of a contact will be the intended first contact, but another entry in the list will be that contact along with the rest of the people in the group. thus, you can either double tap the single contact or contact which shows the entire group. This makes it easy to send to the entire group without having to type in each contact separately on subsequent messages.

Hope that helps.


Are you talking Mac?

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HI Pete,

Thanks for the response, however I think we're at cross purposes. I'm referring to the Applemail application on OSX, not IOS. Unless I've misunderstood and you're using a trackpad?

Just to make myself clear though, I'd like to go through my list of contacts, select each one I wish to add then just add them. I'm trying to avoid typing, because I don't actually know all the contacts to whom I want to send these messages.