Adobe reader DC

For anyone interested, the previously announced Adobe Reader DC has now been released and can be downloaded from
I would create an entry for it myself, but I don't work with PDF's very often anymore, especially forms, and this looks like something that works quite well but probably should be looked at by someone who uses that kind of thing more often. My findings, after downloading a couple of accessible pdf's is that it's finicky to get going, but once you do it works quite well. In the preferences you can configure how the text gets processed by screen readers if it's a big document, amongst other accessibility options. You can also configure the built-in read aloud feature, something you should probably do if you want to read long documents. This is because at the moment, the VoiceOver say all doesn't work and will only read what's focused. Once you open a file, you will need to interact with the document pane which will be read as the path to the file. If you don't see it, press the window's zoom button which should fix it. Once you interact, it feels very much like reading a webpage, navigation keys included, so that's good. Tables don't seem to be recognised properly and just read as "empty table" though this could be the files I tried. I also tried filling in a form. The VoiceOver cursor doesn't seem to follow the keyboard focus at all. If you see a form field in the text, you ill have to click it with the mouse, or tab into it. Tabbing does at least work and I was able to interact with text fields, buttons and check boxes but I had no idea how to make a choice out of the combo box.
Other than that, There's a few unlabelled buttons, I couldn't really find a table of contents, but it's definitely a step in the right direction, probably better than preview but it still needs some work IMO.