Advice on handling Comboboxes

Hi Everybody,
Does anyone have advice for handling comboboxes when applying to jobs? It's seems to be my worse nightmare.
I get the interacting with it, but hardly get anything out of it, even with typing. I'm just not sure if I'm not doing it right, if I'm missing something, or what it is.
Any advice is appreciated.


Combo boxes on macOS

Normally, I just do a VO-space on the control and the combo boxe opens such that VO-right repeatedly allows me to navigate through the contents of the box. Do a VO-space on the one you wish to select. For me, normally, interacting with controls is only necessary in edit fields. Good luck.

I'll give that a try.

I'll give it a try. I didn't have much trouble when it came to list boxes, but the comboboxes seem to give me more and more trouble.
Now If I can figure out how to read through groups. Even ones that some reason won't let me in there when there is something in the group showing on the screen.

Important commands for accessing content

Perhaps you are not aware that there are two keyboard combinations which access info contained in web pages which we might call pop-ups, that is, they are visible, but the VO cursor misses them. In this case, try VO-Shift-Home and VO-Shift-End to move to the top and bottom of the visible area, respectively. All the best.

Where is the home key on a Mac book

You mentioned VO shift and home. Where is the home key located on the keyboard. I don't think I've even used that command before.

List of VoiceOver Commands and Gestures

Here is the URL to the list of VoiceOver commands and gestures for the current version of macOS, i.e., High Sierra: On smaller keyboards, pressing the FN key along with the arrow keys produces Home, End, Page Up and Page Down. It's all laid out beautifully in the guide.