advice on MS Office on a Mac requested

HI guys. I'm thinking of purchasing a Mac in the next couple of days. I've used them in store many years ago and was mostly impressed, but for the fact that MS office did not work at the time. Now as I understand it it's almost fully accessible. Is there anyone I could start up a dialogue with on here please to explain how to use it with Voiceover, what parts of MS office do or do not read etc? This is a real dealbreaker for me as to whether I buy the Mac or not. Thanks.


Depends on what you need to do

If you spend most of your time in Word, there are annoyances but you can work around them. If you spend a lot of time in Power Point or any time in Excel, my experience suggests that you may not want to switch. Having said that, I still love my Mac. If circumstances force me back into Windows at home I will miss it.