Alarm clock apps

Hello everyone,
Does anyone have a recommendation for an accessible alarm clock app for the iPhone? The alarm clock I am currently using is one of those ones that has the extremely loud annoying rooster alarms. It is a clock I have had now for 13 years. I am wanting something for my phone since I always have it with me and hopefully it wil have something a lot less annoying than that rooster. LOL.

Greg Wocher


you've already got one

Just tell Siri "Set alarm for 7 A M." The alarm will go off at your designated time.


Try Yocto Alarm Clock. The app dev made sure the app is accessible with vo.

Yocto Alarm Clock

It seems the Yocto Alarm Clock is not available in the US app store. I see their other app but not this one. I even went to the entry in the apps section and when I opened it in the app store it does say this app is not available in the US ap store.

Greg Wocher

Loving the Built-In Clock App

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Hi Greg,

I've been using the iPhone's built-in Clock app for years, and it does almost everything I would want in an alarm clock.

When setting an alarm under the Alarms tab in the Clock app, you can configure an alarm to only sound on certain days (such as weekdays), as well as choose the sound that plays.