Amazon Music

Hi. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with Amazon Music? Has anyone use it with VoiceOver? Thank you.


I use Amazon Music

I have Amazon Prime, and use the app once in a while. My wife uses it more. She set up a playlist, and I listened to part of it just the other day. I haven’t had any problems with the times I’ve used it for the playlist or the stations, or just playing music I’ve purchased.

I will throw out that I enjoy 1 Hit Wonder Radio on I Heart Radio.

Use it

I use it, works fine. Mine is just the Prime, not the Unlimited.

Amazon Music is accessible

The Amazon music app is accessible. I have Prime and have added music to my library and built playlists. I've not encountered any problems.

Me too

Hi there,
I have Amazon Music Unlimited and I find the app works brilliantly. There's a new feature that was recently added which was sort of designed to mimic wat happens on the Amazon Echo and that works fine too. This feature allows the user to double tap an icon to open a voice command window to command the app to play a song, play an album, play a playlist or search, brilliant. I would recommend this app.


I use Amazon music

Hi all.

I also use Amazon music. I would like to add a couple of artists that I have to their library but, unfortunately, getting them is a bit difficult. I understand that you can add things from ITunes but, I don't know how to do that. I've looked at the documentation and have tried to speak to Amazon over the phone as well as Apple. No luck in either case. If anyone has had any luck on doing this, please let me know. I'd be interested in how this was accomplished.