Announcing a beta of my first Cross-Platform side scroller game for both Mac and Windows, Shooter!

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Hi people,

I have been working a few months on a new game. It is a side scroller where you pick items, defend yourself against enemies, level up your character, spend points, shoot rockets and missiles, and much more!

Currently, the game is available for both Mac and Windows, I will only post the link for Mac here as this is AppleVis.

Please note: As of right now, the app is not signed, and may be buggy, as it is still in early beta.

That said, here is the link.

Here is a readme.

left/right arrows: Move left and right
Up arrow: Jump
Space: Shoot
Number row: Select weapons
Tab: Cycle inventory
A: Check ammo
S: Open player upgrades menu.
H: Check health
I: Open inventory menu.
K: Check kills
L: Check level and XP
P: Check points.
T: Check time played.
X: Check coordinates
Escape: Quit and save.

Descriptions of some items
These blades are placed at intervals throughout the map. They make a woosh sound, and if you get under them when they swing, you get hit.
Projectiles (Level 15+)
These are signified by a humming or whining noise. Don't get hit by them, as they do lots of damage!
These buggers cause chaos. If you spawn one and an enemy steps on it, it will hurt anything within a ten tile radius, including you.
Time bombs
When spawned, you have a small amount of time to get out of the way before it explodes and causes massive waves of damage!

Have fun!



I don't know about an iOS version for several reasons. First, the Mac app isn't signed, so he's not paying for an Apple developer account. Second, I don't know if Python code can be ported to iOS. Third, the review process might stop him. Even though Apple makes accessibility features for their products, they pitch a fit when you submit an app that doesn't meet their guidelines. An app with no visual content definitely violates their guidelines.

New mac version

App Developer

Hi folks,

I've just released a new version of this game, sporting a main menu and some bug fixes. Post 1 still contains the valid link.

Suggest windows link

I don't think Applevis would mind you putting a windows link in the main body of your topic. I did see it below, but not everyone willo read that far. I'll check it out.


thanks bro, I will try it.

New version

App Developer

Hi guys,

I've just posted version 0.45, fixing a few bugs and expanding the map slightly. Links are in post 1. Enjoy!

Wast thinking

Hi for the missile things, I think you should add a machine gun of some sort. Why did you also remove the sniper? That could of been a great weapon. Needs more guns if it is going to be a shooter, not just a knife or a bat, and not just 1 type of gun. Gotta have loads.

Nothing was removed

App Developer


No weapons have been removed. I had unintentionally introduced a bug in version 0.44 or thereabouts which caused the enemies to remove the weapon items from the map before you had a chance to get them. I have fixed it in the newest release.


App Developer

The sniper is spawned somewhere on the map when you first start the game. You will have to remove all files from ~/.shooter in order to restart the game.


How do I put ammo in the gun once I run out?

all versions are in sync

App Developer

@18, all versions are in sync, yes. Mac and windows are always current with each other.

Thank you

Thank you for this amazing game. My girlfriend and I just discovered it a few minutes ago, and it is very addicting. I also think I will check out more games on the Mac after this. This is my first time playing one.

The enemy should have a way more variety

Honestly I can say this game is great, however I think the enemies need a variety of death noises. For example, you’re just killing the same enemy over and over, whether you’re not realizing it. I really think you need to put a lot more work in this game, this could have some real potential.


If you need help sound design wise for your game, i'm in. Just let me know Great game, and thanks for making a mac version as well

This game sounds awesome

Thank you so much for making this game for both Windows and Mac. I take my hat off to any developer who does this. We certainly need more accessible games for the Mac. I haven't had a chance to play this yet but will do so today.

Thank you

App Developer

@23, thank you.

@24, thanks for the kind words. Will definitely continue to do so.

New version

App Developer

I just released Shooter 0.46, adding an auto update checker and fixing bugs.

Game Updater

I will definitely try the Windows version when I get home. It sounds like fun. I have a couple of questions. Will the game updater be able to update the game itself, or will the user need to go to the website every time to download the newest version. I'd love to see the game be able to simply update itself. Second question, would you mind if I did a short video on the game, and posted the links to the Mac and PC version in the description? I'd label it as Early Access to let people know it's not finished quite yet. Thanks.

Re: Updater

App Developer


Of course, feel free to do videos on this game.

Also: The updater will auto-download the update zip, but it does not yet have the ability to update the game itself, still working out how that would work. May need to look into some kind of bootstrapper.

Very good Game

This Game is very good. But I think its better to use the complete arrow keys. Left, right, up and down to move. And J for jump. And I miss the Option to pause the game.

I love this game.

Hey Mason! I really enjoying this game so far. but How can I get the new version of this game?
it is a free game? or if you are making a paid game, how much it cost?

Game is free

App Developer

The link will always remain up to date in post 1. :)

New version

App Developer

Small shooter update has been released, fixing a few bugs and adding SAPI voice selection. I tried to get this to work on Mac, but it broke so it's disabled for now on that platform.

I like this game

I play on windows. A suggestion is to have different voices for the enemies like male and female instead of one set voice because it all sounds the same. Some of the weapons are really good too. Good job.

using with NVDA

hy, whent I using with NVDA theres no speech out put.


App Developer

@34, done for the new version. @35, NVDA output works on this end. @36, the grabbers will move all either items or enemies to your square.

an idea.

Ok thanks for explaining. I have an idea, that every few levels more enemies spawn at once that way there is always a challenge to set points just right. also, how does one get points exactly, it seems random.

game crashes

Hi. Just figured I'd let you know that when I tried to play the game as soon as I entered the game on my Mac, the game crashes and just straight kicks me out. I did try redownloading it. Hopefully the next update will save this issue. Thanks, and this game is great.

Upgrade Menu

How I can upgrade the options, if I open the upgrade Menu?

saved files

On a mac, where is the saved file located so I can import?


App Developer

In order to import your save, you must click the import your save option in the main menu. As for it crashing straight away on mac, I'll need your error log. It is in ~/.shooter

error log

When I tried searching for that path, my Mac couldn't find any path by that name. Is it possible that if I just wait for the next update to come out that it would work again since it would be a whole new version of the game.


App Developer

That's doubtful, as without an error to fix, nothing will be fixed at all.


Sorry, to clarify that’s what I meant like I figure if the new version comes out I should be able to plaY it as there would have never been a crash in the first place

New Version

App Developer

In an effort to help me diagnose bugs, A small shooter update has just been posted, fixing a few bugs and allowing easier access to your error log. Links in first post as usual.

error log

hey, I have my error log now so how do I get you the info from that?

New version doesn't work for me.

Hi, when ever I try to download the new version, it switches back to .48 instead of .49. When ever I open it again after I update it, it still prompts me to download the update, .49. Now when ever I dismiss the error message and play the game, it crashes. Please, fix it. Thanks.