Announcing a beta of my first Cross-Platform side scroller game for both Mac and Windows, Shooter!

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Hi people,

I have been working a few months on a new game. It is a side scroller where you pick items, defend yourself against enemies, level up your character, spend points, shoot rockets and missiles, and much more!

Currently, the game is available for both Mac and Windows, I will only post the link for Mac here as this is AppleVis.

Please note: As of right now, the app is not signed, and may be buggy, as it is still in early beta.

That said, here is the link.

Here is a readme.

left/right arrows: Move left and right
Up arrow: Jump
Space: Shoot
Number row: Select weapons
Tab: Cycle inventory
A: Check ammo
S: Open player upgrades menu.
H: Check health
I: Open inventory menu.
K: Check kills
L: Check level and XP
P: Check points.
T: Check time played.
X: Check coordinates
Escape: Quit and save.

Descriptions of some items
These blades are placed at intervals throughout the map. They make a woosh sound, and if you get under them when they swing, you get hit.
Projectiles (Level 15+)
These are signified by a humming or whining noise. Don't get hit by them, as they do lots of damage!
These buggers cause chaos. If you spawn one and an enemy steps on it, it will hurt anything within a ten tile radius, including you.
Time bombs
When spawned, you have a small amount of time to get out of the way before it explodes and causes massive waves of damage!

Have fun!


The 1000 mark revisited:

as stated above, there is no mark past 1000 so to speak. Going left back towards 1 will more than yield something worth the journey backwards, being an item to pick up or something to shoot at.


wow ok.
thanks for the answer brother.

noticed the same bug as others

The game is great so far... I noticed the same bug as others, there seems to be no sniper amo, and no gun amo. its going great though

Read the comment before yours

Read the comment before yours. The grid is 1000 units in length, that's it. No more, no less. If ou want to see a few podcasts I did, go to and look for shooter as a search term. You will find all 3 or 4 I did in the series. Sadly that was the last I did due to various reasons which I discuss in the show notes.

A small but unfortunate update

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Hi guys,

So, unfortunately this game will not run under Mac OS 10.15. It is pretty much now mandatory to sign your apps with a $99 yearly fee, and I just don't have the kind of money to do this. Also I strongly disagree what apple are forcing developers to do just to make an app work under Mac OS, therefore it is for these reasons that my development on Mac OS is unfortunately stopping. If this changes at any point in the future, then I'd be glad to continue. However currently it is impossible and unrealistic at this time. Thank you for playing!


ok guys

Thank you for all you have done

Thank you for this game, it’s been great. I totally get why you’re stopping though, but my question is, is the game still going to be playable on windows? w


App Developer


The game will most definitely remain on windows.

So if i

So if I get this straight... Even if your app is third party, and if its not on the appstore, if you don't pay apple, you won't be able to run said app on mac? Basicly, mac users won't be able to run third party apps on their system?

The option-click

Though the option to allow things to run from anywhere might be gone, all hope is not lost! it occurs to me there was once a way to bypass settings for GateKeeper, by holding the option key while clicking or pressing enter on the open option in the context menu of Finder. To clarify, this means the menu that is found when you control click a file name in Finder.
In this case, you could try control-clicking the Shooter file, then holding the option key while clicking or pressing enter on the open option in the resulting menu.
I actually did that just fine in the latest build of Mac OS 10.15, and see no reason why the ability to do this would go away any time soon.

terminal comand and another alternative

I don't remember the exact command, but I know there is a command one can use in terminal to allow apps from anywhere. Also, when you open apps, there a dialog pops up that says something like, your security preferences allow apps from only identified developers and app store, if you then go into system preferences, security, under the general tab, there will be a option that says, app was blocked from opening, next to it, an, open anyway, button.


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Hi, I didn't actually know about the option enter thing. Either way, I still don't plan to update it, as not everyone will want or know how to perform this action and I feel that if I am going to provide a game on the Mac platform, there should be no extra hoops needed in order to run it. As long as the current version works that way, though, by all means do feel free to run it!

what about

what about updates for the game on windows?

Hey Mason,

Great game you have here. Would you consider making a Go fund me or a kick start for Mac users to donate money to help the development of this game? I for one would do so.. This game is really good, and I would like to see it continue to grow for the Mac platform. Just an idea..

This App Can Not Be Opened

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I just downloaded this Shooter app and it won't open. I'm running Mac OS 10.15.1 and yes I downloaded the Mac version. Anyone else have this issue? Are there any games that work with Catalina?


Did you try VO Shift M to open the app? I am using version 0.51 and it still works for me under the latest version of Catalina. In answer to your other question, yes, there are accessible games which work under Catalina. Some of these, such as "The Great Toy Robbery 2.0", "Change Reaction", "Silver dollar", "Mine Racer" and "Dark Defender" all work fine.