Any accessible multi player Texas holden poker apps?

I have been loving the Theta Poker app, but I would like to play against some actual humans. Does Anybody know of any other accessible poker games? They can be on iOS or even better on the mac. I might even settle for one on the windows if I have to. There is a mention of a poker app on this form entry,
but from what I can tell that game is no longer in the app store. According to that entry it was called video poker and the app developer is something like everybody HZ. If anybody knows of any options out there I would love to know about them. I was fascinated with poker as a child but my parents bard me from playing it with my friends, just for fun, and even watching the world series tournaments on television. The Theta poker app has rekindled my passion for this game and I have learned much more then I ever knew, I would really like to take it to the next level and play with people, although I'm not interested in playing for real money. By the way I know about the all in play version and am considering that as a final resort. I just don't want to have to pay eight dollars a month for a game that is only on the p c and seems to not have a very broad user base. Thanks


Accessible Poker

Hi Tree,

I also love playing Theta Poker and agree that a similar app to enable play with actual humans would be great. I have played on This is similar to all in play but they do have a tournament on Saturdays. There is also a free one month membership period.

How far have you managed to get on Theta Poker. I am new to the game and hence am battling away on the beginner level.


We will have to play a hand sometime on blind adrenaline

Thanks for telling me about blind adrenaline, it looks like the best option out there right now. I'm really excited to see that it seems to have a pretty active community. Really looking forward to trying some of the tournaments. I just really wish it had a mac option. Oh well looks like I'm going to be venturing into bootcamp. I am very new to poker so I have not made it super far on Theta Poker. I believe I have won around eighty dollars worth of pay outs. I believe that equates to winning at like three or four tables. Each of those wins has given me a major rush, can't wait to see what its like playing with real people. Look me up sometime on blind adrenaline. If I can hold my nose and stand putting up with windows my user name will be Tree.

Blind Adrenaline/Theta Pker

Hi Tree,

I hope to be playing in the Blind Adrenaline tournament tomorrow and so will see you there.



hope to see you tomorrow

I hope to play tomorrow as well. I'm a little confused about how one enters the tournament. I have noticed that most of the tournaments for the games have a registering period like fifteen minutes before the tournament starts. I can't seem to find where you register, I guess it pops up when its time to register. I am becoming more and more impressed with the blind adrenaline service, played my first table last night and everybody was super cool and friendly.

accessible poker

Hello guys, is there an accessible poker application, or website where one can play against real people for instance for money. I don't mean just blind people. Just a regula poker tournament either on iphone or on the internet? Thank you.