any experiences with starling bank app accessibility

Hi all, wondering if anyone has experience with the mobile only bank starling,
I have just been considering signing up but I am unsure if its worth jumping through all there hoops to do so, they have some interesting features like the option to disable or enable contactless at will on debit cards, and they pay a little bit of interest. Plus no fees for withdrawing cash when abroad unless its above 300 a day.
But I started the sign up process and the first screen wasn't exactly encouraging after I verified my phone number I got a screen with several text fields with no VoiceOver labels so I had no idea what should go in them.
of course I guess I can recruite someone sighted to help with this bit but unlabeled text fields at this early stage doesn't bode well, plus it says that your account information is presented in a pie chart so no idea how accessible that will be.
though unlabeled text boxes are quite mild compared to the nightmare I had signing up for my monzo account, I had to get someone sighted to help with all the identity checks photographing my passport and taking my selfie video. then I also had to ask them to enter the pin for my card as this screen just wasn't accessible. but after finishing up the sign up process the app is very accessible I have spotted a few unlabeled buttons and other minor accessibility issues.
though I did have fun activating my card as well because the card number was on the front of the card where the hard pattern is not on the back where I would normally expect, and the scanning feature in the monzo app wasn't accessible to get my card number for activation, so I tried using apple pay to get the number rather than asking someone sighted and it kept getting an incorrect number from the back of the card which I have never scene before, but once I scanned the right side of the card it got the number correctly so I was able to activate it.
anyway what I am trying to say is I don't know if I feel like jumping through similar hoops with starling, as unlabeled text fields and reference to a pie chart doesn't exactly fill me with confidence.



Hi, I've never used Starling, but I use Monzo, I did not face any issues signing up and required no sighted assistant at all.
If you require help on it, let me know, happy to help as I use Monzo as my main bank account now.

monzo issues

hello, how do you clear the feed in monzo? no clear items are available, so much clutter? and how do you know when your direct debits are being taken, as on the "payment" screen are not useable, would have thought, if more people are using these apps, like starling and monzo that accessibility should be higher on the priority list.

Hi, I have both starling and

Hi, I have both starling and monzo accounts, I can tell you starlings accessibility is awful, there online chat system is pretty much unusable, I raised accessibility issues with them and they haven't bothered to fix them. I will say monzo overdrafts depending on how much you borrow are a ripoff, and starling are much more generous when it comes to drawing cash out from abroad. I did have to get sighted help when signing up for both accounts, I do think over all monzo offers a more pleasant VoiceOver experience. But having said that, when I signed up to monzo they refused to tell me my card details over the phone, though they have since said they will put processes in place to deal with this, starling on the other hand after some fuss did tell me my card number and details over the phone, so swings and round abouts. I don't see why I should have to compromise my security by getting someone sighted no matter how well I know them to tell me personal information like that. I had to get help really with getting the passport photos taken during signup.

to be honest I don't use my

to be honest I don't use my monzo account that much, I got it as an alternative to getting a new credit card along with my monzo account, as my normal bank refused to extend my credit limit even though I would have enough in savings to cover any extension they gave me. as to clearning the feed though beside each item is a clear button the only way I have to clear it is to tap on each clear button. I did suggest adding rotor actions and various other improvements and was actually in touch with someone from there accessibility team for a while but haven't heard anything since last year I think it was but I still do have there email address.