Any free Games about love, family, dating etc?

Hi, does anyone know any free games about love, family etc?
Like a game about having a girlfriend/boyfriend, high school life maybe, or a dating game?


#1 try my baby sim

The game I play that sounds like what you are looking for is my baby sim. There are two versions with different features. In the first version, you can take care of a baby from one to four months old. In the second version, you can take care of a baby from one to six months old. Each game has an app directory entry and a podcast on this site. I hope this helps.

#2 I tried it but my baby died

I tried it but my baby died while I sleep :(
Thank you <3

#3 game

I do not think that any such game exist that are accessible with voice over.

#4 Alter ego

Alter ego but unfortunately its not free. Its actually a life sim and its text based.

#5 ..

1 dollar in real life is 4 turkish liras, so you pay 5 dollars we pay 20 turkish liras. My family don't want me to buy any game

#6 hello

have any of you found any other games related to this topic that work with voiceover?☺️

#7 You can play alter ego on the internet

So you don't have to pay
Search "play alter ego" on google