any good compass apps for the iPod Touch?

Hi, I am a blind student in High School, and my O and M instructor wants me to use a compass app on my ipod touch. However, all the apps I've tried either didn't work with VoiceOver, or weren't compatible at all. My question is, is there a compass app that will work with VoiceOver on the iPod? There is the compass app on the iPhone, however the ipod doesn't have a default compass app. Thanks in advance, Wyatt


No Built In Compass

Unless it was added and not announced, the iPod Touch doesn't have a built in compass . You can get external GPS receivers. I'm not certain if any of those devices include a compass. I have seen talking compasses available, so perhaps that's an option for you.

It is not just adding an app

The problem with the iPod Touch is that it doesn't have the necessary hardware for detecting directions. It is not just adding an app.


Even if there are apps that can give directions to a place the iPod touch can't provide gps instructions.