any good space games out there that are accessible?

hi all, am a big lover of space games. stratagy empire building and the like. was wondering if anybody has found anything yet that is accessible if a little difficult? as long as it's playable. i keep looking at starbase orion the write up looks really good but i don't know if it's accessible or not. anybody that knows of anything feel free to post.


Starbase Orion

Hi, Starbase Orion is almost accessible, there are areas which are unuseable, but a surprising amount of it is. The developer is apparently aware of the issues and working to address them, though I haven't heard any updates in a while. Other than that, I don't know of any accessible space strategy games on iOS, which is a shame as it's a favorite genre of mine too.

ah so you have contacted them

ah so you have contacted them as well have you? i inicially contacted them ages ago and i made them aware of it. so hopefully they are taking it on board. what can you do with it now?