Anybody else currently having problems with Bard?


I was wondering if anyone else is having Bard issues? The Bard app says connection in progress but eventually times out with an error “Connection lost.” Then trying to access their website, Bard main page, it does not come up.

Anyone else?



BARD down

I called my local library this afternoon, they confirmed that there is an outage. You can still read books downloaded on your device, but they have no ETA on restoration on service. They were scheduled for system maintenance over the weekend, but has been up and down since that maintenance was completed late Sunday night or Monday morning. Thats all I've got.

From Elsewhere On This Forum

Hello David:

This is taken from another post on this forum regarding BARD.

The Colorado Talking Book Library just sent out an email relaying a message they received from the NLS regarding BARD:

“NLS is experiencing technical problems with communication channels administered by the Library of Congress that are necessary to run BARD. We are making every effort to fix the problem and restore service.”



Thanks for the quick replies. Good thing I have a few more books on my bookshelf that I haven’t read/listen to.

Thanks again.

Yes BARD is down. I've been

Yes BARD is down. I've been trying to get on through the computer. I got an email from a friend in another state saying BARD is down.

I'm glad it's not just me

I've been trying different streams and troubleshooting to figure out why in the world BARD isn't working for me, because for a hot minute there it did work on both my phone and computer. Super glad this isn't just me! And with that, I'll go back to reading A Song of Ice and Fire. Thank God I decided to download those just in case. I'm set for awhile. :)

notice on site

The site is up with a notice for everyone to read. There is no ETA at this time, they're still working on it. Good thing I have 15 books on my phone, and tons more on the PC, so I'll be set for awhile. I also have the option for Kindle, and ibook as well.

The website notice

We regret that BARD is currently experiencing difficulties. At the present time we have disabled BARD until we can resolve the technical problem. The status as of 8:20 am EDT 9/4/2015 is that BARD will most likely be down until late Tuesday of next week.

Down since yesterday.


Bard has been down since yesterday if anyone is having issues with the app. It's odd since I was able to log into the website.

No ETA at this time. Anyone else heard otherwise? I wonder why no notification was sent out.


hwat I heard

I heard from my bf that the bard site was going to be down some time in July for maintenance. But I don't remember seeing a message. I wonder if I wasn't paying attention again lol!

I got

I got a system message in the app about it yesterday, but it said July 29. Not yesterday.

bard message

Logged in to BARD today, here's whats posted.

Alert Message
Hello everyone,

All data systems and websites at the Library of Congress will be unavailable starting at 5 p.m., Friday, July 29, 2016, through 8 a.m., Monday, August 1, 2016, EDT, to perform equipment maintenance. The services affected include BARD and its servers. This type of maintenance happens every year to assure all systems continue to run at high efficiency throughout the year.

Again, BARD will be taken offline at 5:00 P.M. Friday July 29, and will return to service by 8:00 A.M. on Monday August 1 2016, all times Eastern.

Thank you,
Don Olson
BARD Operations Supervisor

cCrossing our fingers it won't be like it was last year. I have no explanation about the outage yesterday, my library did confirm it was down.



Thanks for the replies. A few hours after I posted, it started working again.

I got the notification about the planned outage at the end of the month but not about the trouble that started yesterday.

THanks again!

it was a denial of service attack

It was a denial of service attack that caused the outage. Luckily, Bard is back and all is fine. Just keep in mind that if the site goes down, it's nothing anyone is doing, it's not you or anyone else doing something to cause bard to go down. I'm glad it's back too.

Well, it is

Actually, a denial of service does mean that *someone* is attacking the site. That's the point of a DOS attack, though why anyone would target BARD is beyond me. Talk about childish. Never fear though, there's no way to accidentally do this and it takes many machines coordinated by a group to even try to hit a system as large as the Library of Congress.