Anybody else finding that the Facebook app no longer announces the date/time of posts?

Hi All I was wondering if anyone is having the same issue with Facebook?after the last update voice over no longer reads the date and time of the post. Thanks John


#1 no I haven't noticed that issue

No I haven't noticed that issue.

#2 Information

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Hello John, Yes, as of version 5.4 the developers of Facebook had either removed this or is no longer speaking the time of when the Status was posted. This was mentioned by me over here about this new discovery: Look at Comment #109 for more information on this. Plus if you have any more questions. I highly recommend people reading the Comments left by people with in the Apps. They contain all sort of information. HTH

#3 Notable issue

Hi John This FaceBook issue has noticed since couple updates ago It's very notable on Mews fit seccion However on Notification area still allow read out the Date and Time. The current FaceBook version is 5.4.2 that came out on February third 5.4.1 that came out February second 5.4 that came out on January All the 3 versions mentions above show up the present issue But the version 5.3 that came out on last December doesn't show up the date and Time issue Hopefully to next update version fix the issue. Could be 5.4.3 or The big update 5.5

#4 Thanks

Thank You. I will contact them. John

#5 Facebook 5.5

Hi John Should you download the recent later Facebook update 5.5 Fix the date and time issue.

#6 Update fix the problem

Thank you. It just showed up in my iTunes apps update and it worked

#7 links shared on facebook

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I noticed that whenever I see someone has shared a link voiceover used to read what the link is. Now it doesn't read anything beyond "so and so shared a link." Then when you swipe right to where the actuall link is, it doesn't say anything like it used to when it gave a small description of what it was. Ideas or suggestions? I'm guessing it's just a bug in the latest fb update.

#8 bug

yep, it's a bug. BLeh. Hope they get it fixed.