Apex legends developer willing and able to implement accessibility features.

The developer of Apex legends, electronic arts, has added accessibility features to their game which is coming to Ios soon. They have one feature which allows text in the chat to be converted to voice. This feature is obviously for people who cannot see the text.
You maybe asking, what is apex legends?
Apex legends is a battle royale type game, where you are trying to be the last person standing. The difference is, you play as heroes and you also have teammates. There is no solo mode. In my opinion, this can be easily made accessible. When you first start the game, there should be an option where you can turn on a self voicing mode. This would be used to start a new game, and even sign in with your account if you want to.
Then, before the game starts, there should be a voice that says that people with vision impairments should play with headphones on. The headphones would be used to here where other players are.
Since killing your teammates is not possible, there should be no problems there. There should be your standard controls, swiping up to head straight, swiping down to go backwards, and so on. These gestures would be used to navigate. For those, they could do something similar to what a blind legend did. Where you hold the gestures to continue walking in that direction.
I’ve already contacted the developer about this, and they said that they could do it! Now I know what you might be thinking, the game relies on graphics! How are you going to be able to play without seeing it? The answer is the game does not rely on graphics completely.
If you have any more ideas on how Apex legends could be made even more accessible, please post them here.


kind of good news

I think it is great news for blind gamers like us.
and I hope more mainstream games willing to be more accessible as well.

hope someone can keep in touch with the developer and see what happen next.

some suggestion s

I hope we can use the following gestures :
1. one finger swipe up, down, left , right and hold on screen to walk. and pressing it harder to run.

2. two finger double taps or single tap to change wepons.

3. one finger tapping to fire
4. shake your device is jump...

hope some of us would have more great comments


I look forward to playing this game. Is it unreleased or can I download the app to see when it is updated?

I look forward to this

This really intrigues me. this makes me want to first try the console game and see how well accessibility is implemented there.

How about the other element’s of the game?

1. Pinging are teammates.
2. How to land if i am the jump master?
I don’T know about any other elements of a game that will be hard for people who are visually impaired to play.

what's new?

anything good news about this game?

any new update?

hey! any new update for this title?
does it willing to be accessible finally?

Fake mobile access. My apologies.

I am sorry for this post. Researching the information about that link I found on YouTube was fake. And the internet is hard to Believe sometime. I really apologize to all of you. I Think YouTube needs to fix their advertisement algorithm and take the videos down. they are miss leading. I really believe in that link because this game was very willing enough to add accessibility.

Mobile testing

i ment to say this is a way to test the game on android or iPhone by clicking the link.


Is there an alternative to downloading this rather than having to go through a method that doesn't always work? I ran every single app it offed for at least 45 seconds, and nothing unlocked when I switched to Safari. It unlocked for the 2 offers, but then it tells me I need to get an additional one. Like the heck? There's TestFlight, that would be much more easier.

the website is a little bit confused

the page is a little bit confused.
if someone successfully tested it?
can you share your thought. or send suggestion to the developer?
we are looking forward to it if they are truly adding accessibility thing on it.

Any updates?

Hey guys, any updates to this thing? Last I checked the website it was difficult to get the app installed.