StationPlaylist Remote VT (iOS Client)

App Development and Programming

If you use the StationPlaylist suite of products from you may be familiar with Voice tracking through the StationPlaylist Remote VT (client) to the StationPlaylist VT server. The Windows VT Remote app is accessible. You can listen to both the outgoing and incoming song ramps and record a simulated live show in a fraction of the time of a live broadcast. Currently, there is not an app for iOS to remote voice track into the server. I have spoken with the StationPlaylist development team and unfortunately, they do not have the resources to code for iOS. This is completely understandable. IF an App developer has an interest in this project, you may be able to contact to get a feel for legality/licensing understandings and may be able to make some revenue from this project. I do believe with the number of users of StationPlaylist/Internet radio stations in the blindness community that this project would be worthwhile for a coder.
If a developer finds that it is a worthwhile endeavor, this would be a great place for users of the StationPlaylist software, who also use Voiceover on iOS to discuss the best way to navigate an iOS version of vT remote.

Thank you for your time in reading.



Submitted by Pyro2790 on Saturday, July 11, 2020

This app sounds awesome. I wish it was available 8 years ago when I was actively broadcasting. It sounds like a great way to control the software from an IOS device. Hopefully VoiceOver support is decent so the app is usable.