Using IntelliJ IDEA with VoiceOver on Mac

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I am a beginner in automation QA. Mainly I use windows for coding, but I also have an old MacBook Air 2017.
I mostly use Visual Studio Code for writing tests in Java, but recently I am getting tired with Java implementation in this IDE.
Yes, it is a really great solution in case of Accessibility that works perfectly on all operating systems (Windows, MacOS, Linux).
But Java and Maven implementation is something really horrible there.
I decided to try to use IntelliJ Idea on both windows and Mac because I heard that some blind developers do it successfully with VoiceOver.
Because of it is an Apple specific forum, I will describe issues that I've encountered while using IntelliJ on Mac, but actually I have the same issues in windows.
1. How do I manage files/folders in project structure tree view?
Example to clarify:
1. I launch IntelliJ, press new project button in the main dialog.
2. After creating a Maven project which can be done successfully, I land into the project structure tree view.
3. I want to create a Java class in src/main/java.
I move to src with down arrow, expand the folder, then do the same thing with main folder.
Then I move to Java folder.
Press VO+shift+m to activate the menu.
I imagine that if I press VO+shift+m on the focused file or folder, the menu will be opened and I can create a new Java class, folder, delete the folder, run the test if it is the test class and ETC.
But instead of that I just hear the VO sound that the command isn't supported.
So, how do I complete this simple task with creating the java class in src/main/java or manage any focused file/folder?
I reported the same issue with this problem on windows on their bug tracker that it isn't possible to open the context menu.
How do you manage that task?
Next, how do you run tests? What steps should I perform to do that with VO?
I would like to learn using IntelliJ IDEA with screen readers for writing java tests and learning QA easier.
P.S. If you use IntelliJ IDEA successfully on windows with NVDA please contact me at:
So I will be really glad to know your experience and ask some questions about it.
Thank you!



Submitted by Victor Tsaran on Monday, August 23, 2021

I'll start by saying that my experience with InteliJ is quite limited. I know that it partially works with VO on Mac OS, but some implementation problems of Java widgets exist that prevent a good experience.
You might want to try a right-click with VoiceOver where control+option+shift+m doesn't work.
First, route VO cursor to keyboard cursor by pressing VO+command+f5, then open VO Help menu, VO+h, then go to Commands submenu, then start typing "right-click", which should take you to the correct option. Activate it and see if this does not click the context menu you're looking for.