Alternative to long-presses / swipe gestures?

App Development


I am trying to make my apps more accessible, and would appreciate any tips from voiceover users on how to best suit them.

I have a button that, when pressed using a short tap, behaves as normal, but when it is pressed for a long time, reveals two additional buttons.

I was wondering two things:
1 - Should VoiceOver hints announce that there are (possible) additional buttons? When, once they are deployed or when entering focus on the master button?
2 - Which gesture, if any, should I use for this? Magic Tap? How do I advertise this?

Or alternately:
3- Always display these buttons when the user uses voiceover.




Submitted by Greg Wocher on Friday, June 19, 2015

When using VoiceOver there is an item called the actions menu. When you land on an element the actions menu allows you to swipe up and down with one finger to cycle between various actions. This would be ideal for your button because one of the actions could be activate default which would be just like you did the short tap.

Greg Wocher