Learning Swift

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I am trying to learn Swift on the Mac. I would like your suggestions on the following:
1) Is there an accessible text editor to edit test programs? Is vim accessible through plugins or configuration files? If so, How about TextWrangler?
2) I gave the Swift playground a try but just cannot figure out how I can access/view the results on Xcode. I can use the Swift REPL viaTerminal but it is not the greatest way to enter multiple lines of Swift code
3) Is there a good book or resource you can recommend for learning the language?




Submitted by tay tay on Friday, April 28, 2017

Hi, so i am taylor, and i produced some x-code tutorials, feel free to email me back at tayarndt@gmail.com if you have issues i will show how you to get set up at least. http://taylorsprograms.host56.com/Tutorials.html my rss feed is http://anyaudio.net/feed?user=taylorarndt i will keep updating this feed, so hope this helps.