Request for beta testers: try out accessibility for Bliss iOS game

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I&;ve been working on adding VoiceOver support to the next version of "," made for iPhone and iPad. It&;s a romantic game for couples to play in bed. You can search for it in Apple&;s app store.I&;m hoping for some feedback on the VoiceOver support before I publish the next version. Is anyone interested in testing it for me? If so, please reply to this topic, PM me or send an email to isupport [at] gamesforloving [dot] com in the next few days and I&;ll send you instructions for installing the development version on your device. And thanks!Update: many people have responded and we have plenty of testers.  Thanks so much for all your help!


I've sent an email to the

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I've sent an email to the address you mentioned. Thank you for your willingness to reach out and for your efforts to make this app VoiceOver user friendly!

I wrote an email as well.

Hi, I wrote an email to the address above as well. I got a reply from the app creator and was sent back an email from the Test Flight App system saying that I have been invited to beta test this app. I accepted it and am now waiting patiently to try the beta out. Thanks again for your willingness to reach out to the blind and vissually impaired community by coming to the a fore mentioned persons above. Usually, we have to write quite a few emails to app developers to hopefully gain access to their apps. But, you made an awesome step in bringing the accessiblity idea to us!!!!! Again and again, I thank you very much for doing this and allowing me to beta test.

Thanks to all who have

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Thanks to all who have responded; I now have plenty of testers. Once everyone has joined on TestFlight I'll upload a build and we can see what needs fixing with VoiceOver support. The response here has been overwhelming; thanks so much for all your help!