XCode 6.1 - making connections

App Development

Two questions:

1- How to move components inside views? Pressing Cmd c on the components list and CMD v on the view does place components on it, but defining the order of components inside the view is something I really dcan not figure out by my self.
If that's not important, (only defining X Y position and constraints is fine enough), then it's fine. I really do not know from a sighted point of vview if this is or is not important.
2- How to make connections?
So that old odd but functional method of making conenctions does not seen to work on XCode 6.
I have heard that making a sbbub and moving the mouse on top of that stub instead of a blank line would make it work, but ........
1- What stub? Might be any stub or it has to be the waited stub for that connection?
2- If I change the way thhe stub is when the connection is already setup will it loose the connection or it's ok to do this kind of thing?
3- In case the stub must match the one for that kind of connection, where can I find every possible kinds of stubs in swift?