App to ID Credit and other Cards

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Is there an app to identify all of those plastic and paper cards that we carry? I took pictures with KNFB Reader and PrismoGo to identify my credit card, but the results were unusable.


#1 There really isn't

Hi, sorry to be the barer of bad news, but there's really not a way to identify cards well. I keep them in the same place, ask trusted friends to help when needed. I'd keep trying with knfb reader. Also, once you find out what it is, I recommend storing it in a password protected note, in Notes, that way, you can get to it when you need it. I don't know if you have another Idevice or a Mac but just something to help. I don't use a pc so I can't speak to that.

#2 here's a solution

Here's a solution. It's not a very easy one, and can be time-consumming depending on how many cards you've got. Ask a trusted friend/family member for help, then when they tell you which card is it, if you've got a labeler, I'd put a label on it.

Also, I'd try the OCR Converts text into photo app. It's free, and it has pretty good OCR. That way you can take a pic and either store it in your photos and upload it, or just take it within the app. I wish developers would make an app for things like this. Or if you can't do that, then make a device. I'd rather have an app because I feel like we carry enough devices (phone, tablet, maybe braille display etc etc).

#3 Another way


Another way you can track your cards.

You can get digit eyes and create or purchase the bar code stickers. Stick the label on the card and have a trusted person read the card to you as you enter it into the digit eyes app. You can enter just the card name or whatever info you’d like. The next time you need to use the card or aren’t sure which card is which, simply scan the bar code location with the app and VO will read out whatever description you have saved for that bar code.

HTH and good luck.

#4 A couple of thoughts and suggestions

Sometimes those cards are coated with the laminate substance that can reflect light back when you use your camera flash try turning off your camera flash and making sure that there's enough light in the room to get an accurate picture sometimes tap tap see Moore give you results when nothing else will. It's free again. OK, one last thought remember that a lot of those cards also have barcodes have a similar type on them. I would refrain from using another barcode on them and just putting a little two or three letter bro code in one corner of your card so that you can easily identify it quickly.

#5 Be careful


Try not to use apps such as tap tap see or be my eyes to read personal data/info or credit cards. These apps involve a third party who can turn around and use your info fraudulently.

As far as bar codes on a credit card, I have a few from different issuers and none of them have a bar code. Are you referring to the magnetic strip on the rear?

HTH and good luck.

#6 The Wallet App...


The Apple Wallet app does a pretty good job of scanning plastic. Recently, I needed to add a store membership card to an app the store provides. The app did not have a scan function for the card. It just asked you for the number. The Wallet app scans cards, and then asks you to verify that the information is correct before trying to add the card to your Apple pay stack of cards. So I used that verification step to capture the card number, and then plugged that card number into the store app, and I was all set to go.

Unfortunately, the store app stinks when it came to accessibility. But I no longer need to pull my card out to receive membership discounts. Just hold the iPhone up to the scanner and it reads the membership card info along with the Apple pay credit card.