App for Music Composition?

Hi all, I'm seeking an informed app recommendation. Basically I'm looking for something to produce good-sounding realizations of original compositions (especially orchestral music). I could see this going one of two ways - either playing directly into the app with something like the iRig Keys, and recording the different voices playing their different parts, or importing a .midi or other file type from composition software on my PC and assigning voices to the various parts. Does anyone have any recommendations for an app that would suit either of these needs? Is this something I should be doing with Garage Band or Thumb Jam, perhaps? Any comments about the sound quality of voices, as well as the overall accessibility of recommended apps, would be appreciated. Thanks!


I'm also looking for

I'm also looking for something similar, except this one has to produce printed professional looking sheet music, and since I don't have a midi keyboard I have to be able to play the keyboard or what ever with my finger like garage band.

Marrie: I'd be extremely

Marrie: I'd be extremely surprised (not to mention ecstatic) to learn of an app that does what you're asking. Currently the only remotely accessible music notation program I've found is Lime Aloud from DancingDots, which I use for all my sheet music needs. I'm extremely grateful for the ability to be able to make and print scores, but I'm also very frustrated with some of the shortcomings of the project. Still, if you have a PC (or it may be available on Mac) it would be worth investigating...though it's very pricy. I certainly hope there's an accessible app out there that can fill the music notation need, though...that'd be incredible.

Personally, I would highly

Personally, I would highly recommend ThumbJam for what you're doing. The orchestral samples are good, but you can even make your own. The best part about ThumbJam for orchestral music is that you can sample of straight string part, with no vibrato, then Add in vibrato by shaking the phone

help mi pleas,

App Developer

Hello all, please help me. I want to learn to make music notation so that the score can be read by the sighted person. So I want to make a score for my friends who are visually professional. Application for mac OS or windows. I have tried sibelius and musescore, but I have to be helped by my visionary teacher. So I can not make my own score.