app for removing the vocals from songs with Dropbox support

Hi. I'm looking for an app to remove the vocals from songs. I've found a few but all the ones i found can only take songs from your Itunes library. Is there one that can take them from other apps like Dropbox? Also it would be better if it was free but if it's not that much i can pay for it.



Hokusai 2 can do this. You just select the track and then apply effects and then you scroll down to technical and then choose mid channel reduction.


This is a payed feature. It needs the pro upgrade but I think it is a very good app. I often remove the vocals on Evanescence songs from my iTunes library or dropbox. I use dropbox a lot. This has worked really great for me.

Cost for Hokusai Pro

I just checked in the App Store and it says that it is $9.99.
I haven't tried this app but I just downloaded the free version to see how well it works.
I hope we can both find this application good for creating projects.
Good luck.
Best regards.

Hi. I use the free version

Hi. I use the free version already, but since the only paid feature i want is removing the vocals it seems like a lot... is there any anything that removes vocals that costs less, otherwise i can use Windows

Sorry for the off ttopic but

Sorry for the off ttopic but what app on Windows does this kind of thing?

Tried some audacity plugins but they did not wwork


I have done it in Audacity but I don’t like windows any more plus Audacity did NOT do a very good work on vocal remover, but there is such an effect there. I honestly don’t like it at all.

Oh... it doesn't? I haven't

Oh... it doesn't? I haven't tried it yet i was going to today because someone told me it worked....

Try it may be I did not set

Try it may be I did not set up the thing the way it should be set ... two of us have found that it did not work very well but you can always try it is free and tell us what are your thoughs on that matters latter.