Apple music recommendations issues

Hello! I have a huge issue with my apple music recommendations. Previously i was listening to music of one genre and in my case language, it was adding to my library when i shazammed tracks. But than when i renewed my subscription in some period of time my music library was absolutely lost and i had to rebuild it. Now the problem is that i keep getting albums of artists in for you tab of that type of genre and especially this language that songs are in. But i don't want to get them at all. I checked my new library if there are such songs in this language that apple music recommends me and removed everything that i found, i removed likes from these songs. Even if i dislike an album in for you tab it still recommends me albums in this language. I checked everything in library and if i have liked songs in these artists that apple music recommends me, but i don't have that. How can i get read of these annoying recommendations? I even don't listen to these things for apple music to understand that i don't need it. Thank you!