Apple Needs to Fix The Keyboard Issue with iOS

Hi guys,
Before explaining, I would like to say this: you may have a different opinion than me and that's ok.
Ok, so what I have been experiencing, and you might too, is when I go to type in a text field, the keyboard doesn't slide out from the bottom of the screen like it would usually do, instead nothing happens. If I turn off my braille display it doesn't pop up either. I'm pretty sure Apple should fix this because I don't want to be taking a hardware keyboard in my bag all the time. I would just prefer either the onscreen keyboard or my Refreshabraille. My brother, who has sight, uses my iPad too for games and stuff, he's been experiencing the same thing with VoiceOver Off. So this wouldn't even be just a bug for us users, but also some sighted people as well. Is it my iPad? My settings? Or is this just a bug that Apple needs to fix before it spreads?
Post your opinions below about this and tell me what you think, is this a bug or not?


A feature, not a bug

This is a feature, but I can sympathise with its possible annoyance for you. The way to ensure that the keyboard is always displayed is to go to Settings > General > Accessibility > VoiceOver > Braille, and then turn on the option entitled "Show on-screen keyboard" to have the keyboard always displayed, regardless of the keyboard that is being used. If you are using your braille display and decide that you don't want to see the keyboard, press Space-dots 1-5-6 to hide the keyboard. If you go into a text field without your keyboard connected but no keyboard is displayed, leave the text field, then turn off VoiceOver, then tap into the text field and turn VoiceOver on again.

The keystroke

I am assuming that you are talking about the toggle keystroke to temporarily show or hide the keyboard. The keystroke should apply to all braille displays, and I thought that it was the spacebar with dots 1-5-6. I never use this keystroke, so I am just guessing.