Apple news for the users outside US, UK and Canada, when?

Hi everyone,
does someone know when would be possible, for Apple users which live outside uS, Canada or UK, be able to use Apple News?, I would be very exatid to have the possiiblity to use it
Or, do you know if there is a way to be able to use it, althoug I don't live in one of these 3 countries?.
Many thanks



publishers in a specific country have to get behind it first.

Whom it depends on?

I suppose that in all countries publishers will agree, infact there are other news apps from Google, MIcrosoft etc. and so, if in these apps, are published the news, why not in Apple News?, I'm talking about tne normal Apple news, not Apple News PLus, for this one, I understand that the way is more complicated, of course.
So, I hope taht this App, which I listened that is fantastic, will be availabe for us too, as soon as possible.