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Hi all, For first I'm new to this community so if I don't post this in the right way a lot of sorry.
Second,I bought an Apple watch 38 cm, sport edition with red band. I'm very happy with it, but I have a little problem. I installed some apps on my Iphone 5 s, and they don't appear on the watch. what should I do?
Sorry If I wrote with mistakes, my English is a little bad, I'm only 11 years and I'm practicing.
Thanks again for reading



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Hi Razvi, welcome to the community, you're English is fine!
So to install apps on the Apple Watch, you first need to go to the Watch app on your iPhone. In that app, all apps which have an Apple Watch app will be listed. Double-tap on one to select it and you will then be taken to a screen with an On/Off switch. Switch it on and the app will be installed on the Watch.
Some apps will also have additional options, such as whether you would like to install a Glance.
Hope this helps.


Well, it seems runeblade, the rpg game don't appears there. I checked it on my Iphone and It's at least, Accesible. What I need to do? messenger is working strange too, I have it on my Iphone, but It don't appear on the list. Well, I hope you can help.

Are you sure all of the iPhone apps have Apple Watch apps?

Your English is very good for someone who is only eleven years old.

Not all iPhone apps have Apple Watch apps. The problem could be that the developer of some of the iPhone apps has not developed a version for the Apple Watch, which would be slightly different to the iPhone version due to the feature set of the Apple Watch.

To verify whether an app has an Apple Watch companion app, go to the App Store page for the iPhone app. Below the iPhone screenshots, there will be screenshots for the Apple Watch app, but you will only see these screenshots if an Apple Watch app exists for the particular iPhone app.


You can look at both of them, runeblade and messenger. Bot have the apple watch ap... Well, strange


Hi Rasvi,
I am impressed by your English, considering that you are only 11!

I had the same problem as you are having. Apps which I knew were available for the Apple watch weren't showing up in my watch app as available. First, make sure your Apple watch software is up to date. Then, unpair your watch and re-pair it to your phone. That worked for me. Good luck!