Apple Watch, Pandora Radio, and a Mini Cooper

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Hi All,
While riding with my wife today I discovered something cool. My wife has a Mini Cooper Roadster, which has an iPhone hook up. The cord to attach the iPhone is very short,and there is a pouch on the side of the console that holds the iPhone while connected to the car. i assume the short cord is to make it impossible to use the phone while driving, which is a good idea, but it is also difficult for me as the passenger to make adjustments. There are controls on the dashboard, but I can not see them.

But.... using my Apple Watch and the Pandora app I was able to control the music playback and select playlists from my wrist.
Another bonus was the watch was still connected to my bluetooth headset, so I could hear voice over while the music played on. Then when I disconnected the phone from the car, the bluetooth headset connected to the iPhone automatically.

I imagine the music app will work equally well, but I did not try it.

All this technology... its like magic!



#1 The music app works equally well.

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The music app plays very nicely with the Apple Watch and the Mini.
i guess I'm in control now. Bye bye country, hello classic rock/