Apple Watch series 3 or 5

I currently have an Apple Watch series 3. I was wondering if it would be worth upgrading to the new series Apple Watch 5? It seems like there were a couple good upgrades from series 3 to 4. With series 5 the big story is the always on watch display. There were some other minor enhancements. Just wondering if I should just hang on to my series 3 or get the new series 5 Apple Watch.


Staying with series 3

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The always on display sounds like great technology. But it doesn't do me any good, and I don't see it being useful for VoiceOver. While I cannot recall series 3 to 4 specific changes i recall at the time I was not moved to upgrade. The fact Apple is still selling Series 3 is also a telling clue. So in my case my Series 3 is running fine, the battery seems fine, so I see no need to upgrade.
Don't know if that helps but that's my thought process.

watch 4

I was thinking myself to get the 5 but after checking about it is not worth. There is nothing new with 5. I have the apple watch 3 and I will get the 4. You get the same with the 4 that you get with the 5. The only main thing is the display not going to sleep and the GPS.

why not the 5?

If the 4 and 5 are similar and the prices is the same, then why not the 5? You have also indicated that it is worth moving to a new watch from the series 3.


At this time we do not know if the 4 price went down. Probably will go down.

Purchasing new series 5 watch

My real question is should I upgrade from series 3 to a newer watch I just wanted to see if the newer watches had enough functionality to warrant a new watch.
I know that the series 5 did not have much upgrades except for a new processor increase memory and a couple other items which would be usable. Obviously not the on screen display. Thanks for your feedback.


I was happy when I heard about the 5 but when I saw the event, I was disappointedthat nothing new was added. I will get 4.

series 5 is the way to go, I think

The series 4 is being discontinued because the series 5 is so similar. If you want the features of the series 4, get the 5. If you do not want the features of the series 4, stay with the series 3.

go for the series 5

If you want the features of the 4, go for the 5, because the series 4 is being discontinued. It is so similar to the 5, they feel no need to carry both. If you do not want the features of the 4, stay with the 3.

stay series 3

I switched to the siries 4, but only because my apple watch series 3 got broken, and I had to get it replaced. series 5 though... Not worth it. For me the always on display won't be of any use, I'm totally blind, so nope. I'm sticking with the 4.

apple watch and band

I have the 38 M in my watch 3. Does anyone knows if I can use my 38 m band in watch 5 40 m?

getting series 5 watch

So it looks like you are getting the series 5, or at least looking at it. What features did you or anyone else see as valuable in the series 4 or 5 that would cause you to upgrade?

For me I see the upgraded processor, 32 gig of memory over the 8 I have in the 3, the EKG capability, and some others. Anyone have specifics on features that would encourage one to upgrade?


I agree with you. If it is true that watch 4 is discontinue I will go to the 5. Also the sound quality in the 4 is better than others. Volume is also important to me.

About watch

Hello there I would recommend upgrading to the five because they discontinued this series 4 but they could be selling it they could just not be advertising it still that is my suggestion

watch 4

Verizon still sells it. They told me to check next week for any deal at this time they just have get one and get another for half price. Will see if it worth spending on the 5. What next year will be the 6?