Apple Watch pre-purchased questions

I'm looking at buying the Apple Watch sport with whatever band comes with it by default, the one with the pin and tuck closure. Now, this brings me to my question. When I would wear regular talking watches, the little slot that you feed the remainder of the band into after you put the pin in one of the holes usually breaks after a while of wearing it . I would only take it off usually when I'm going to take a shower though. Would I have this problem with the Apple Watch bands? If so, would I be better off just getting the woven nylon band? Or does that band have the pin and tuckClosure as well? Thank you for any assistance you may provide. :-)


Not an Issue with the Apple Watch Sport Band

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Hi JDawg,

The short explanation is that this is definitely not an issue with the Apple Watch Sport band because of its design.

The longer the pin-and-tuck closure works: After adjusting the band and pinning it closed (this part is similar to traditional talking watch bands), you tuck the remaining band through a slot, and the length of remaining band actually slides under the band and right up against your arm. So, when you adjust the band, you may wish to initially place it one hole looser to account for the extra length of the band tightening things up.

I know that isn't the world's best explanation of how the pin-and-tuck closure works, but all that to, the issue you experienced with other talking watches should not happen with the Apple Watch Sport band at all.

Wait on the purchase


If I were you, I would wait on purchasing the Apple Watch. The current device has been out for a year and is probably due for an update that will majorly improve things. I would wait until that next update comes out, hopefully at the same price as the current model. Of course, you don't have to take my advice. Do what you think is best. Still, I would wait until they announce another one which could be at WWDC or in September.

Thanks everybody. However, I

Thanks everybody. However, I went and purchased the Apple Watch for both me and my wife, and have some questions about it now. We have the sport band and the woven nylon and and want to know if we purchase, for example, the stainless steel with magnetic enclosure band, that's is designed for the Apple Watch watch, would that fit the sport model? Thanks.

Apple Watch bands

Yes, as long as it's the right size for the watch you have, I.e. 38 or 42, they are all interchangeable. A chap at the Apple Store said that the third party bands on Amazon are every bit as good as genuine products - only more like £15 rather than Apple's £129 for stainless steel.

Good luck.