Apple watch series2 and wireless network question.


I recently purchased an Apple series2 Watch and have a couple of questions. I am using the watch with an iPhone7.

The watch is running watch OS4.2 and the iPhone is running iOS 11.2.

Both devices are talking to each other and data is synchronised between them.

The watch can send and receive e-mail and message and the calendar has the data retrieved from my iCloud account.

However, if I turn Bluetooth off on the iPhone the watch loses all connectivity with the outside world.

Siri says that it has no connection for example.

Am I right in thinking that a series2 watch can connect to a wireless network in the absence of an iPhone’s availability?

I have tried the following to solve the problem.

Firstly, disabling Bluetooth on the iPhone and getting it to forget the wireless network. I then reconnected to my 2.4GHz network and enabled Bluetooth. The watch works fine until I again disable Bluetooth.

I then removed the watch from my Cloud account and signed out on the iPhone too.

Signing back and adding the watch again did not solve the problem.

It looks as though the wireless settings are not being copied from the iPhone to the watch for some reason. Has anyone any suggestions as to what I can try next?

Secondly what apps support Andoff between the watch and iPhone?