apps that are accessible and have siri shortcuts

hi all, I have recently started creating shortcuts for apps on my phone for use with siri, and i've got some for weather gods, and dark sky weather. what I would like to know is, does anyone know of any accessible apps besides these two that work well with voiceover, and also have the ability to create siri shortcuts to work with them? I absolutely love using siri shortcuts where ever i can to not have to open an app.



hi their, being as I am a current aira explorer, I don't see anyway with in the app or with in the shortcuts app to add siri shortcuts.


Overcast has some. I've created a few too. And if I'm not mistaken, Drafts 5 has a few also. I've created a few there also. You'll need to open each app you have, & go to the settings section. And for example, I just opened Seeing Ai. and went 2 settings & I found a section 4 configuring siri shortcuts! Also, an easier way is 2 look up each app you have installed, & go to the what's new/version history. If you're lucky, the release notes will say if there's support 4 Siri shortcuts. For me, that's happened. I like shortcuts too! I didn't know you could use them with seeing Ai! Thanks 4 that tip! But both Overcast & drafts 5 are both accessible. And Overcast even mentions full voiceover support in it's disscription, & if bugs are fund & patched in an update, with voiceover, they're mentioned too. Sorry I can't give an easier way 2 do this. Used 2 be you could go to settings app, go to each apps settings there, & configure shortcuts. Or go to siri's settings & do it that way. If there's still a way 2 do it, someone please tell me! Because that was so much easier!

Did I mention?

Oh! And did I mention that both Overcast & Drafts 5 are free? well, they are, and no account is needed.

Battery phone

Battery phone is accessible and if you use Series you can check your battery in your watch about your phone. Shortcuts do not know. I had not check them. The app is free and works well in the phone and watch.

Yeah, you can tell Siri to

Yeah, you can tell Siri to make a call with AIRA, but I think that's just like how other VOIP apps work. So it doesn't really count as a shortcut.

The Apple Store app is another one that does support shortcuts. You can set one up to check the status if you've ordered something. I'll be using this I continue to anxiously await my Beats Solo Pros shipping.