Audio Production on the Mac

Hi all! I am considering getting a Mac as my new main computer. However, I am concerned about how accessible audio production software is compared to Windows. can anyone shed any light on the potential of a Mac being my replacement for a windows machine for audio production work? I feel confident about other aspects of using the Mac, but I would like to use it for daily use instead of windows. Sure, I can bootcamp windows if necessary, but I feel the virtual machine would not fully harness the power of the mac. thanks in advance!


the garage band on the Mac is

the garage band on the Mac is a pretty good app for the audio app. I use it with no problem and the quality is exelent. what do you usually do for the audio so I can have some idea if garage band would be fit to your agenda or not.

what's your definition of audio production?

As mentioned above Garage band is accessible and works for smaller things but it really depends on what you see as audio production and what you want to do. For really pro audio work Pro Tools on the mac is very accessible and will replace something like Sonar on the windows platform. However if you use sonar for a lot of MIDI work then pro tools won't work out that well. The audio side of pro tools is awesome and fully accessible on the mac but not the MIDI side. Basic MIDI editing is accessible, but for MIDI you'll still be better off with sonar on windows.

I was actually wanting to do

I was actually wanting to do audio productions such as in Sound forge. I'm not that skilled with making music on a computer yet. Basically, I was wanting to do voiceovers, effects, etc.

garage band

You should get garage band that is a production music studio where you can make music.