Baffled by one of the clues in Blackbox: think outside the box

Hello all.

I have recently come across the truly awesome game Blackbox, and it's safe to say i'm definitely hooked, even if a little frustrated at times when i just can't figure out a puzzle; mind you, despite any frustration i'm certainly still loving it just as much as ever.

Let me share one such clue that has got me completely baffled. The clue: "frame corners". The hint card: "take a picture of me without using a camera". OK, am i missing something here? Anyone else as baffled by this as i am? Would be interested to read any thoughts from anyone? Thanks, and happy gaming ☺️


Awesome Game

Blackbox is an awesome game! I definitely love it!

It took me a while to figure out how to solve the one you're on! I don't want to spoil anything! I'm still working on some puzzles myself!

Left it for now lol

I've had to admit defeat with that particular challenge for the time being. Completely stuck lol. Thank goodness there is the option to move to other challenges if need be.

A guess

App Developer

Please keep in mind that I haven't encountered this particular challenge yet, so I might be incorrect.
There are two ways on an iDevice to take a picture. One of them is via the camera, as you said, but there is another one which is widely used among the sighted. Give it a shot!


Thanks. Unfortunately that's made me none the wiser, since i assumed the only way to take a picture on an I device was with the camera regardless of sight. I wonder whether the fact i've never had sight may be getting in the way here?

Sight is not required

App Developer

Not at all. Sight is not required to complete this challenge. One way is via the camera, the other way is to take a nap... snap, I mean. Sorry, it's quite shot... erm, hot in here, no wonder my mind plays games with me.

Another Way To Take A Photo

Yes, there is another way to take a photo besides using the camera app! I do not use this way too often and it helps when I used it!

I'm also glad there are other puzzles to work on if we're stuck along the way!

Yay ☺️ Sorted!

Hip hip hurray ☺️ Sorted thanks to a sighted friend and I device user. They do say you learn something new every day - i've just learned the concept of a screen shot.

Great idea

What a great idea to allow a way for sighted support to be able to see one's screen in times of need. Anyway, without digressing too far from the subject of gaming, there are certainly plenty of challenges that are driving me crazy, in what i can only describe as a rather amusing way :)