Best "dark" extension for Safari

I used Dark Reader for Chrome-based browsers and Dark Text and LIght Background for Firefox, but on Safari it seems like there is a lack of free options available.

I see Dark Reader has a paid-for version on Safari, but it looks a little limited. I've tried Night Eye as it has a demo, and it's pretty good but it's also more expensive than any other option.

I don't use Safari much because of this, but if there was a free or cheap option that made it usable for me then I might like to use it from time to time.

I'm just wondering if anyone on here has experience with them?


#1 Looking for a similar solution also

Is Night Eye only available on the Mac? I ask because I could not find it on the IOS App Store unfortunately. I am looking for a potential solution to this myself as well.

#2 As far as I know, you can't

As far as I know, you can't do anything like this on iOS because of the closed-nature of the system (don't think apple would allow 3rd party extensions). There is "smart invert" as a feature which is supposed ot provide some sort of inverting of the colours. I asked about this here: and it sounds like it's maybe not so good.

It's frustrating as it's the only thing stopping me jumping ship from Android.

#3 Dark Mode for Safari extension

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I put off upgrading to Catalina until Saturday as I had project keeping me busy through October and November. Once I upgraded, I wanted to try dark mode (again) and see if it was more usable than under Mojave.

Disappointed to discover that Safari still lacked dark mode support, I addded Dark Mode for Safari for $1.99 from the App Store. It worked in my limited testing.

It turns out I was using far too many programs that didn't fully support dark mode, including MultiMarkdown Composer and Apple's own Script Editor and Pages programs. For this reason, dark mode was unusable. I switched to using invert colors in classic mode. Classic mode enables me to invert images and screen shots that contain dark text on a light background.

Dark mode has received a lot of attention, but nothing beats the classic tried-and-true invert colors, in my opinion.

#4 Thanks, I might give Dark

Thanks, I might give Dark Reader a go as I use it in Vivaldi etc and it works pretty well on the whole and it's much cheaper than Night Eyes.

I think the success you have with dark mode does depend a lot on the programs you use. For me, html emails are the main thing that gives me trouble on the mac.