Best Resources for learning Numbers?

Hi all:

Yesterday, my girlfriend expressed a desire to learn Numbers. I'd love to teach her, however I've not had a need to really learn this app myself.

Are there tutorials out there for learning numbers? If they touch on Voiceover things specifically that might be nice, but comprehensive numbers knowledge is more important at this point. We can tackle any Voiceover oddities as they come up.

Thanks in advance!



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I was just about to post a similar forum topic. Glad I did a search first. What a waste of time. Apparently no one knows how to use this app?

Compounding the problem, the word "Numbers" is so generic that when you search for it on AppleVis, 99% of the search results have nothing to do with the Numbers app.


Resources for Learning Numbers

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I use Numbers on the Mac frequently and now I find it easier to use than Excel with Windows. However, there was a bit of a steep learning curve. The only resource I found was a book entitled Mastering the Macintosh with Voiceover by Tim Sniffen. I purchased this through iBooks. The book was written two or three years ago but most of the concepts discussed are still valid. This is the only resource that I am aware of that covers the basics of using Pages and Numbers. My major complaint with the book is that it focusses on using the Mac's trackpad to help iPhone users to transition to the Mac. However, he always provides the keystrokes as well for accomplishing the tasks covered. By using this book, and a bit of trial and error, I was able to effectively use Numbers to accomplish a number of tasks. Hope this helps.

Thanks to all for the positive comments

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Thanks for the info. I've managed to figure out how to do some rudimentary things. I can now move from cell to cell and have VoiceOver read the contents of the cell. That's a giant step forward from where I was when I posted that. LOL.