Blindfold game idea

I have an idea for another Blindfold game.
There are a lot of slot machine games in the app store.
I know people who play them all the time.
And I think i've tried every one of them.
Only 1 is kind of accessible but playable.
All the others I've tried don't do anything when I open them.
Just make the noise like I'm at the end of a screen.
This one that is playable and kind of accessible mostly just has a bunch of unlabled buttons.
Some buttons and menus are labeled but not all of them.
I've had this slots machine game for over a year now so I have figured out what the unlabeled buttons do and have labeled them.
I've also asked sighted people if I really couldn't figure out what a unlabeled button does.
So now I'm at least able to play.
It's better then nothing or just hering that noise when you reach the end or edge of a screen with Voiceover to me.
I have contacted the developer thanking them for a great game because it is a great game once you take the time and figure the unlabeled buttons out.
I asked if they could make the app more accessible and mentioned the unlabeled buttons but have got no reply.
I didn't post this game here on Applevis because there are so many unlabled buttons and unless you are willing to take time and figure out the unlabeled buttons and label them this game would be not accessible according to the form we use to post apps.
So my idea for another Blindfold game is a slot machine game.
With 3 different themes to start everyone off with.
In app purchases could be more coins or cash to spend at the slots and more themes.
Also like all the slot machines in the app store or the one I can play bonus coins every 2 or 3 hours.
I know I'm not the only one that would like a real playable for everyone slot machine game.


Slot machine

There is already an accessible slot machine game; it is called Spoken Slots. As for your game, you should post it to the app directory anyway; not all of those apps should be accessible.

My game

I never tried Spoken Slots.
I'll have to give that a try.
We can never have to many slot machine games though.
I'll do that soon. I just know with so many unlabeled buttons many people would consider it to be not accessible.

App directory

The app directory hosts apps that range in their accessibility. Just give the comments that you feel are generally appropriate.

New Idea for Color Crush

I'm really into Color Crush. I like the idea of pairing things that match, such as flowers, types of cats, gems such as rubies and diamonds, candies, holidays, and royal titles.
How about a gempack from fairyland? The gems would be things like fairy, pixie, elf, leprechaun, sprite, and all those neat little people we grew up with.
My favorite Disney gem pack is the Aladdin one.
But different kinds of fairy folk would be fun to play as well.
In the gem pack with actual gems, such as sapphires and rubies, I wonder why there aren't any pearls? I love pearls.
I loved the royalty gem packs, though I admit I ran into quite a lot of royal titles I'd never heard of before.
Any chance of an accessible Trouble, complete with that unforgettable popping sound? Does anyone remember Trouble?
And, are there accessible games where one might win real money?

We have

We have so many slot machine games we could choose from. Spoken slots, fruitmachine the very popular fruitpot and I'm sure there's another one that I don't remember now. I think its slots trademark or something.

Another slot machine game

Another slot machine game which hasn't been mentioned is the one in Audio Game Hub.