Blindsquare questions.


A friend asked me a question about Blindsquare that I am not sure about since I don’t use it. So I was hoping some Blindsquare users can answer a couple of questions.

How much data does it use? Would a GPS like Tom Tom help it use less data? I read the description and it just said a flat rate data plan is recommended.

If you can please answer this I would appreciate it. You can find data usage of the app by going to settings> Cellular> usage for Blindsquare.

Thank you.


As far as I know blindssquare

As far as I know blindssquare at least for me does not use that much data. Only if I have it looking around or anouncing streat names. It has for me over the corse of 3 months only used 7 mb of data.

BlindSquare Data Usage

Hello David,

I think it doesn't help you much to ask people how much cellular data BlindSquare has used on their device, because this value much depends on how often and how BlindSquare is used.

Here is what the instructions say:

In some situations, i.e. if you are traveling abroad or have only a limited data plan, it may be necessary that BlindSquare use as little data as possible. If you are in an area that has good Foursquare and Open Street Map coverage, each Foursquare query will take about 32 kb and each Open Street Map query about 4 kb.
The faster you move, i.e. when you are in a vehicle, BlindSquare will send more queries to the server.
If you do a category search in BlindSquare, it will take between 10 and 40 kb. Assuming 20 Foursquare queries and 30 Open Street Map queries an hour, you can expect BlindSquare to use about one megabyte per hour. This estimate is true for routes that contain vehicle rides, too.
If you need to save data, you can activate the filter Streets and My Places. This will cause BlindSquare to announce street intersections and places you have either saved in My Places or marked as a favorite only.

If you use Navigon along with BlindSquare, this will not have any bearing on how much data BlindSquare uses, because both apps operate independently of each other.

I hope this helps.

Thanks and a follow up question.

Thanks for the info Mary and Sandra.

That’s what I was thinking, dense areas would cause more queries than less dense areas. Do you know if Navigon or Tom Tom will use less data than if he used Google maps?

I am trying to help a friend who is on a fixed income. One option is to purchase Navigon or Tom Tom. Blindsquare and stay with a low data plan. Cost more now but less on month to month. The second option would be to purchase Blindsquare and use it with Google Maps with a bigger data plan. Less expensive now but will cost more every month.

Thanks for any suggestion.

Purchase BlindSquare

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Purchase BlindSquare and use it in conjunction with Google Maps or Apple Maps. I'm sure there are lots of Navigon fans out there, but I have had that app for three years now, and it has never once correctly led me to my destination. Just my opinion.

Actually you can purchase

Actually you can purchase waze as well. I use waze, a free app, and navigon which works all the time for me here, and it uses offline maps. Both are very good at what they do, gps.


I tried navigon. And honestly it didn't help me. I have a question. Do you use a cane with your iphone or a dog? I am going for the trainning for a guide dog but don't think i'd be responcible enough and will be telling the mobility instructor. SO my question is; do you find it easyer to use blindsquare and google maps or navigon with a cane and headphones or a guide dog?

Another question.

Hi. When I tried navigon it didn't really give me turn by turn directions even when I set it to do so. SO is google maps better for that? Also navigon is huge and I only have a 16 gigs iphone, so if google maps works for me, that's lodes better because I know it wil be smaller.

blind square and navigon, and other gps solutions

Actually you can just choose to dl the maps of the states you want so its only about 400 mb for me. and I use a cane and a bus. It does give me turn by turn directions and works grate. Also waze does the same thing. Have not yet used google maps but I have it. I also have some podcasts using blidn square . here is the first demo the second demo where I travle is here. and the third demo where I don't say anything but present a real use case is here.


The thing is. I live in the UK and have to download the london map which is about 10gb for the app and another 3 for the map I think. I've not used navigon in a long time. I'll check out your podcasts and see if I can learn anything :) Thanks.

A problem.


When ever I load goGoogle maps, it always gives me driving directions even if I am on the walking option and then click on the time it will take then start. It stil gives me driving directions . For Example, turn left on the roundabout. Can anything be done about this? or would you recommend a diffirent map app? Even navigon gave me just the driving directions.

If you switch to padestrian

If you switch to padestrian mode you will get the walking directions in navigon. for your country you can just download the state. I can't imagine lundon would be 10 gigs. Lol. This in combination with blind square woudl be a useful tool.

I deleted blind square.

I don't know if I'll find blindsquare useful when I move out. For now, it won't be useful. One thing I find shocking is that the app makes the phone warm up. That didn't happen to me before. I'll try it again I think once I've moved out. If not, i'll use taxis. Either way I'll get around, I hope.

The phoen getting warm never

The phoen getting warm never happened to me at all in the 2 months I've been using it. If your phoen is older, the processer might be dying and it might be time for a new phone. I use blind square on the bus to know where I am at all times in case there's an emergency, and it's helped in that regard a few times especially if my driver is lost


That's interesting. I have an iphone six.

You might want to contact the

You might want to contact the blind square folks. maybe they are some how over clocking your processer and such.