Bookshare and Mac

My Mac seems to no longer recognize Bookshare books in Pub format since the app changed from iBooks to Books. when opening a downloaded book from Bookshare, Mac sends me an error message stating 'this book cannot be opened - the file is corrupt'. Anyone have any ideas or thoughts as to what's going on here?


Read on the web

Till the problem is solved, you may want to read such books online like a web page. Just change the preferences.


maybe try changing the format 2 say DAISY format. I don't know if Books will support DAISY format, or if there's any DAISY player apps 4 the mac.
I'd also try & contact bookshare & see what they have 2 say.

Bookshare on the Mac

thanks for the idea of reading on the web - this may be my best option. Generally I read Bookshare books on my phone using EasyReader. I would lke to have the same book available on my Mac and using Bookshare web reader may be my choice.

Thank you for the idea. I don

Thank you for the idea. I don't know either which formats Books supports. Bookshare advised me to contact Apple re: this matter. I decided to come to Applevis before trying that route.

Speech centeral

I use Speech Central for both mac and iOS it wokrs good with voiceover for the most part .

Thanks for sharing your

Thanks for sharing your experience with Speech Central. I'm going to look into this app to see whether it works for me as well.