BN Apex--Overriding KeySoft Commands

Braille on Apple Products
Hi All, First, sorry if I'm asking an age-old question, but how do you override some of the native KeySoft commands like O and H-chord? I love my phone and Braille, but this would make iBook-reading and app switching so much easier. Not to mention I could properly format an Email! I heard on a podcast that enter with dots 4-5-6 would work to pass through, but have had no success with it. Is there a certain way the keys must be pressed? Do I have the wrong keystroke? I use a custom thumb-key set, and switching back to standard whenever I want to use my display does not sound appealing. How have you guys circumvented this, if at all? Advice would help! Thanks! Apple and Braille--perfect! OK, getting carried away (smile).



Submitted by Randi on Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I've find the 456 chord to be very cumbersome. The command is 456 H and 456 O. When you use email, I find that to enter a new line it's best to put a space after the end of your last sentence that press 456 enter. I have standard braille on with the apex and 8 dot braille on the iPhone. A strange combination but actually makes 8 dot braille work with the iphone... I wish there was a way to change from 6 to 8 dot braille on the fly with apex. It's just so cumbersone... I have a much easier time with the Focus 40 blue, but I don't carry it with me on a daily bases... Good luck...

Submitted by Randi on Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I just wanted to correct something I said yesterday. The keystroke is 4 5 6 enter with the h chord or O chrod. Cumbersome, and sometimes I have a hard time getting it to work too. It works best with 6 dot braille on the apex and 8 dot braille on the iPhone. I accidently gave the wrong keystroke and just wanted to clarify that it is 4 5 6 enter. Sorry if I caused any confussion.