Braille input on the Iphone 6+ for IOS 9.2.

Braille on Apple Products

Hello,Does anyone else have problems with the braille screen input?I didn't have too much trouble but there was always a few bugs with this. First of all, anyone who uses it will notice that when you type, it don't most of the time interpret your input correctly. This can be very frustrating when someone like me who has used braille all my life pretty much should not havethis problem. Speaking of problems, I just now had to switch to six dot mode because it won't say the characters in contracted mode that way when you mess up you won't know it until you type the whole word and hit space. Then, when you try to put a space, it will say that you typed dots 4 5.


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Submitted by Igna Triay on Tuesday, December 15, 2015

I think that this depends on which braille mode you are using. I use the 6 dot braille, since it is the one that I am used to. For me, this is not a bug, rather than that I place my fingers on the wrong Spots. So for example, if I want to type an I, instead of placing my fingers on dots two and four, I accidentally placed my fingers on the dots one and 2. So I have noticed that when I use or tried to use contracted braille, first off, it doesn't speak the characters as I type. Second, when I erase by swiping left, instead of saying what was erased, it only says the dots, and not the character.