a tip and a question about braille screen input

Braille on Apple Products

Hi all,
last night I used braille screen input to right a long text for the first time, and I was quite pleased with how it went, I found it easier to use 6 dot rather than contracted braille because when I tried to use contracted often I didn't get results that I wanted,
also in contracted mode when you enter a punctuation sign at the end of a word like a period you get no feedback, but in 6 dot mode you do.
also I found the character buy character feedback reassuring in 6 dot mode.
I found one interesting thing which I didn't know before this is that you don't have to place all your fingers on the screen at once to form a sign you can rapidly place them down one buy one and build up the character you want to form.
so for example when I want the sh sign I start buy placing dot 4 on the screen, then dot 6 and finally dot 1, while leaving the others in place.
Braille certainly isn't as good as fleksy when it first started out but 6 dot is fairly acceptable to use for typing.
anyway on to my question I now have, does anyone know how to write a pound sign using braille screen input? I am on the UK braille system, and in the UK to do a pound sign you do dots 1, 2 and 3 then no space, a number sign and then write your number.
so I wanted to write the figure £80, but when I tried this I got the letter l, followed buy the number 80.



Submitted by dvdmth on Monday, January 5, 2015

In unified braille, the pound symbol is dot 4, followed by the letter l.

My device was set to unified braille by default, so I presume your device is set this way as well. This can be changed under Settings, Accessibility, VoiceOver, then Braille. Most settings there only apply to braille displays, but a couple of them affect braille screen input as well.

Submitted by alex wallis on Monday, January 5, 2015

thanks for the tip, I have no knowledge of unified braille so I have looked at the settings and this sorted the issue. Interestingly I found typing letters in braille is quite accurate but punctuation is quite difficult to type along with other contracted braille.
One feature that I think might help with this is the exploring mode, I like being able to place fingers on the screen, hold them in place and then go looking for the next dot, also if your in exploring mode you can hold a finger on the screen and slide it along to move to the next dot along. then once you have all your fingers where you want them you can raise them up and lower them again.
alternatively you can quickly lower your fingers one at a time to where you think they need to be, I guess a bit like a split tap.
they really need to change there braille settings a bit and have one button called braille display settings and another for braille screen input, alternatively they should add clear headings for braille display settings and braille screen input settings.